About PEEQ™


Unite with global leaders on PEEQ™, an unparalleled platform dedicated to fostering emotional intelligence and transforming corporate culture. Experience a collaborative learning environment that offers exclusive perks such as group coaching, live discussions, and ongoing interactive exercises, all expertly curated and led by Zoe Williams and the Luminary Mindset™ coaching team. Elevate your leadership game – join now and become part of this extraordinary journey towards personal and professional growth!

Online Programs

As a PEEQ™ member, you have the opportunity to enhance your emotional intelligence through various online programs, including the Luminary Mindset™ Self Mastery online course. Download PEEQ™ Brochure Here

Self Mastery is a comprehensive 12-module online program, crafted to enhance emotional intelligence, foster self-awareness, and address and overcome blind spots in leadership. Each phase of this self-guided initiative provides video and audio coaching, coupled with exercises in leadership and emotional intelligence, aimed at reshaping your belief systems to enhance your leadership capabilities.

    Enrolling in Self Mastery offers you insights into:

  • • Essential emotional intelligence skills for heightened EQ
  • • Techniques to recognize and leverage your strengths
  • • Strategies to reform your limiting beliefs
  • • Methods to uncover blind spots affecting your EQ, and much more.

Live Masterclasses & Group Coaching

Within the platform, you have the option to participate in monthly live Masterclasses led by Zoe Williams, delving into specific leadership topics. Join group coaching sessions tailored to address the concerns that resonate most with our members. Participate in interactive weekly content to advance your self-development journey and learning. Forge connections with an exclusive community of global leaders, all dedicated to enhancing corporate culture and boosting performance.